Studying abroad can be challenging, selecting the right Colleges and Universities is also a major concern. If the truth be told, there are affordable Systems in place for parents to be able to monitor the progress and performance of their wards abroad. There are also guides for selecting the right study route and institution for your child.

How Can I Select a Study Destination?

A lot of times we select schools based on the popularity of the school which should not be. In a football game when choosing a club to support, we often chose the club because of the number of games they have won, the number of awards the players have won and because of the personality of the club however. However in choosing a study route and an institution, a lot more is involved. Most times we see parents following fellow parents without proper research and information.

This is where we can help. At Unilink Education Services, we consider varied options based on tested research and verifiable facts before making recommendations to our parents and students. Let us help you with this.

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