Information on Studies


  • Accredited Bachelor’s degrees in Cyprus both at Public and Private Universities are usually four (4) years.
  • Postgraduate study in Cyprus is usually either eighteen or in some cases twenty (24) months depending on the course of study. This is both at public and private universities.
  • Public Universities do not usually charge fees (except for Masters), whereas at Private universities the fees start from €7,000 and may go as high as over €13,000 per academic year
  • The cost of Postgraduate study is at the discretion of each institution


  • Undergraduate Bachelor’s degree courses in Ireland are three (3), four (4) or five (5) years in duration depending on the course and the university.
  • Postgraduate Masters courses are generally one (1) or two (2) years
  • The Irish Higher Education Authority (HEA) offers the ‘’Free Fees initiative’’ for eligible EU undergraduate students. Eligible students only pay a student contribution that varies form one institution to another, but the limit is a maximum of €3.500 per year
  • Postgraduate tuition fees vary from course to course and from institution to institution.
  • Tuition fees for Non-EU students vary depending on the institution that the student will study

The Netherlands

  • The Netherlands comprises of two types of universities, Research and Applied Sciences
  • Bachelor’s degrees at Research universities are three (3) academic years
  • Bachelor’s degrees at Applied Sciences universities are four (4) academic years
  • Postgraduate degree study in Holland is usually one-two (1-2) years
  • Annual tuition fees for EU undergraduate students start at €2,146 for the academic year 2021-2022
  • Tuition fees for Masters’ degrees are €2,146 for most courses
  • Tuition fees for Non-EU students vary depending on the institution that the student will study

United Kingdom

  • Foundation courses are usually one (1) academic year
  • English language programs can range from one (1) week of tuition to one (1) year
  • Bachelor’s degrees at UK universities (not including Scotland) are usually three (3) academic years. In Scotland, the length of study is usually four (4) years.
  • Pharmacy degrees are usually being four (4) years in length and General Medicine five (5).
  • Postgraduate degree study in the UK in most cases is twelve (12) months and the cost is at the discretion of each institution.
  • Tuition fees vary per institution.


  • Language courses available
  • Foundation year courses for progression to German universities
  • Undergraduate degrees are three (3) years
  • Tuition for EU students that qualify for entry is free
  • Non-EU student tuition fees vary depending on the university