Opportunities for Studying in Holland in 2021


Applications for studying in Holland in 2021 are now open

  • International and EU applicants accepted
  • Over 2,000 English taught courses both Undergraduate and Postgraduate
  • Three (3) year and four (4) year degrees for undergraduate
  • One (1) year Masters programs
  • Undergraduate tuition fees confirmed for EU students at €2,168 per year
  • Postgraduate tuition fees confirmed at €2,168 with some exceptions
  • International student tuition fees vary per university

Apply early so that you have the best chance of securing a place

How many choices can I apply to

What are Numerus Fixus courses and what do they mean in practice

Deadlines and procedures for specialized courses

Apply for Medicine: What is the selection process, matching activity, deadlines and interviews 

Which courses have application fees payable to universities

How fees are paid

What to do with accommodation


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