Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for students studying at Undergraduate level in the UK can sometimes vary depending on the course and university.

Fees for students from European Union countries have changed since 2012. In line with the UK government guidelines, UK Universities can charge any fee from £6,000 to £9,000 per year for the whole period of their bachelors’ degree.

Some more traditional UK universities have decided to charge the maximum where others charge less. From September 2017 onwards, universities can charge inflation with this amount not be being more than £250 per year making the total amount in many cases a maximum of £9,250 per academic year.

Postgraduate tuition fees also vary depending on the course and university and whether the student holds an EU Nationality or not thus being classified as International.

EU student Postgraduate tuition fees start from approximately £5,000.

For more specific details please visit universities websites as figures are subject to change without notice.


England, Wales and Northern Ireland

  • The UK Government’s Student Loan Company can pay the tuition fees on behalf of the student in the form of a Student Finance Loan. The Student Finance Loan is available to EU students including Cypriots
  • Students repay the loan only if they are in employment and are earning more than GBP £16,800 per year
  • There is no repayment if the student is earning less than GBP £16,800 per year
  • The repayment is 9% per year on the amount over GBP £16,800

For example: If a student is earning £21,800 per year, the installment will be 9% on £5,000 which is £450 per year / 12 months making the installment figure £37.50 per month.

If the loan is not repaid within a 30-year period, the balance is written off.


  • Tuition fees in Scotland across all universities are £1,820 but can be paid by SAAS (Student Awards Agency for Scotland) if the student wishes.
  • All EU and Scottish students are entitled to have their fees paid by SAAS
  • UK citizens from England, Wales and Ireland are excluded and pay fees as per the above.
  • Dual passport holders for example, an English student that also hold a German passport, ‘must have exercised their right of residence elsewhere in the EEA to be entitled’.

International students pay international fees as per the discretion of the university.


  • For students beginning their studies in September 2017, the Welsh government offers a Non – Repayable fee grant of £4,954 to all EU students that study in Wales
  • The Fee grant is deducted from the student’s whole annual tuition fees. For example, if the tuition fees are £9,000 the £4,954 will be deducted from that.
  • The balance can be paid by the Student Loan Company through a Student Finance Loan so the student’s loan balance will only be £4,046.

Cypriot Public Universities

Public Universities in Cyprus are free of tuition for Undergraduate students.

Potential postgraduate students at Public universities, do pay fees but this depends on the course, the student’s circumstances, personal or financial and others.

Cypriot Private Universities

Tuition fees at Private Universities in Cyprus vary but usually start from approximately £8,000. Each private university in Cyprus has its own method of fee payment. Most of them request a substantial deposit at the beginning of each term which ranges from 10-20% of each year’s tuition fees, for example, if the fees are €8,000 per year, the university will be paid anything between €1000 and €2000 in September and another similar amount the following January. The balance is usually paid in set monthly installments between the two (2) terms.

This takes place for the whole four (4) years of study.