Let us help you with your accommodation

  • All study destinations offer a range of student accommodation
  • Prices vary on the type of accommodation and the city or town of study
  • There are different types of accommodation that students can use whilst studying.
  • University halls of residence

    University Halls of Residence

    University halls of residence are facilities offered to students at university campuses.  Universities usually guaranteed a room of study for 1st year students. Students live with other students and usually share most amenities such as kitchen, sitting rooms, toilet and bathroom. However, some halls do offer En Suite accommodation where the toilet and bathroom are in each of the students’ rooms. Students will usually need to move out and find accommodation elsewhere after their first year, as these halls are usually only guaranteed for first year students.

    UNILINK will undertake to secure accommodation for their students in university halls of residence. There are however, no guarantees on the kind of halls that will be secured, as all universities use a first come first serve system. UNILINK will do their best to secure the student’s first choice accommodation. Late applicants must usually take what is available.

    Private student accommodation

    Private student accommodation is also available. This is like University halls of residence but usually based in the city where the university is situated. In some cases, they may be as close as opposite the students’ university. These are mostly owned by private companies and the universities have no responsibility on anything that occurs.
    Depending in which city the student will be studying in, UNILINK if requested will on behalf of the student make all the necessary bookings. At these halls, students can usually renew their contract and stay in the same room for the whole time of their studies if they so wish to.

    Privately rented accommodation

    Students occasionally prefer not to use any of the above options and prefer to rent private flats or houses which they share with other students. In these cases, the students are usually compatriots and/or friends from before arriving.
    There are also times where universities have received a significant larger amount of applications for accommodation than they originally expected and after a specific date cannot guarantee accommodation within their campuses.
    UNILINK works with a number of creditable private letting agents in areas where universities have this problem. Through these contacts students can secure their living facilities and commence their studies without any problems.