Information on Studies


Degrees in Cyprus with very few exceptions both at Public and Private Universities are usually four (4) years.

Public Universities do not usually charge fees (except for Masters), whereas at Private universities the fees start from €7,000 and may go as high as over €13,000 per academic year.

Postgraduate study in Cyprus is usually either eighteen or in some cases twenty (24) months depending on the course of study. This is both at public and private universities.

The cost of Postgraduate study is at the discretion of each institution.

United Kingdom

Bachelor degrees at UK universities (not including Scotland) are usually three (3) academic years. In Scotland, the length of study is usually four (4) years. With Pharmacy, degrees usually being four (4) years in length and General Medicine five (5).

In the UK, all universities are obligated by Law not to charge more than GBP£9,000 per academic year plus the cost of inflation which cannot be more the £250 per year. Some universities though do charge less than maximum.

Postgraduate degree study in the UK in most cases is twelve (12) months and the cost is at the discretion of each institution.