€130 Air Ticket Cash Bursary Offer

From the 01st May 2018 until the 31st July 2018, Unilink is offering a great New Special offer to all students still looking to apply for studies in the UK for the September 2018 academic intake year. All students who use the Unilink services and specifically the ‘Complete University Application Package’ will also receive a €130 Air Ticket Cash Bursary which go towards their flight ticket to the UK.

The ‘Complete University Application Package’ includes:

Research for the appropriate university based on the student’s academic qualifications
University application to study anywhere in the UK
Securing of student accommodation
Application for the Student Finance Loan through the UK government for payment of the student’s fees.

Terms and Conditions

The €130 Air Ticket Cash Bursary special offer is only available to new Unilink student customers wishing to use our services.
The period the offer is available is from 01 May 2018 – July 31st 2018.
The offer is only for those students who use the Unilink ‘Complete University Application Package’ as per the details above.
It is only valid for the September 2018 academic intake year.
Students must provide us with the air ticket payment receipt shortly before they depart for the UK for the Cash Bursary to be paid.
The Cash Bursary will only be paid to those that actually decide to go and study in the UK and not to those that just apply.


We offer a ‘Free booking service’ If you book with us, you will be entitled to pay your rent in 4 installments.